Below you can find a frequently updated list containing all of my side-projects.

If you are looking for all the mobile apps I am building, take a look at Horizon Video Technologies' app collection.

Airplane Safety — 2018

A study by my dad regarding Airplane Safety. You can read more here.

Repository: https://github.com/stelabouras/airplane-safety

Hearth — 2018

Publish personal websites from your desktop with the power of IPFS.

Repository: https://gitlab.com/stelabouras/hearth-mac

Eternum — 2017

An IPFS pinning service that aims to be simple and easy to use

Repository: https://gitlab.com/stavros/eternum

IPFessay — 2017

An application that runs on IPFS and allows you to publish uncensorable essays to it.

Repository: https://gitlab.com/stavros/IPFessay

Love Toilets — 2017

Ladies and Gents logos from toilet doors around the world!

Pastery for Xcode — 2017

Xcode extension for Pastery.net

Repository: https://github.com/stelabouras/Pastery-for-Xcode

Tubelister — 2017

A Chrome extension that groups all your YouTube tabs into one playlist.

Repository: https://github.com/stelabouras/TubeLister

Mobile Game Tutorials — 2017

Deconstructing the way mobile games teach players their mechanics.

Pastery — 2017

The world’s sweetest pastebin

Repository: https://gitlab.com/stavros/pastery

TimeTaco — 2016

A fast countdown page generator

Repository: https://gitlab.com/stavros/TimeTaco