Below you can find a frequently updated list containing all of my side-projects.

If you are looking for all the mobile apps I am building, take a look at Horizon Video Technologies' app collection.

Tubelister — 2017

A Chrome extension that groups all your YouTube tabs into one playlist.

Mobile Game Tutorials — 2017

Deconstructing the way mobile games teach players their mechanics.

Pastery — 2017

The world’s sweetest pastebin.

TimeTaco — 2016

The fastest countdown generator.

CloudNation — 2016

A canvas music visualization inspired by TrapNation visualizations.

BeamTab — 2016

Beam your Chrome tabs to other Chrome browsers.

Expounder — 2016

A simple javascript library for expandable text

Google Maps search — 2015

A tab-based Chrome extension for Google Maps.

(Chrome extension taken down by Google)

Quantum Annihilation — 2013

A 7DFPS Unity gamejam project.

SSmap — 2009

The longest standing greek technology podcast, presented by Sugarenia and yours truly.