Gamasutra Beautifier — 2018

Gamasutra Beautifier is a tiny extension that tries to bring Gamasutra.com design to the 21st century.

This extension grew out of my frustration while browsing Gamasutra.

Gamasutra.com holds a trove of valuable information for game developers and game development enthousiasts, hidden under an outdated design, which hinders readability.

I started applying some custom CSS rules in the article pages which I later expanded into changes to the style of the homepage and listing pages.

This should not be considered by any way a suggested redesign. It's just a simple way to make Gamasutra more readable.

🌐 Chrome Web Store Extension

🌐 Firefox Add-on


  • Full width articles.
  • Improved code snippets.
  • Improved home page design.
  • Improved author pages.
  • Better header design with a simplified version of Gamasutra logo.
  • Full width embedded Youtube videos.
  • Improved and high-res favicon.
  • Better experience when clicking an outbound link (no more target attributes!).
  • Button to return to the original design.


This extension and myself are not affiliated with Gamasutra.

Repository: https://gitlab.com/stelabouras/gamasutra-beautifier