Read PDF files in iBooks the easy way

Sunday, August 8, 2010

iBooks is, imo, the best pdf reader for iPad at the moment. It is fast, well implemented and you can read ePub & PDF files without switching apps.

The only problem is that the default way of loading PDF files into the app is rather unpleasant (yeah, I am referring to the 'iTunes sync' procedure).

So here's what I do when I want to read a PDF file in iBooks.

Disclaimer: The following steps require that you install Dropbox (which is free and awesome) both on the device that hosts the pdf file and on your iPad.

  1. Move the file to your Dropbox folder.
  2. Open Dropbox for iPad and select the PDF file.
  3. You will notice the following icon in the upper right corner
  4. Tap on iBooks and the PDF file will be copied to your iBooks app!