2012 resolutions

Sunday, January 29, 2012

I turn 26 today and it's about time I release my resolutions for 2012.

But first let's review the last year's resolutions:

  • Work out a lot (Kinect && (Walk || Cycle || Gym))
  • Eat Healthy
  • Cook more (& healthy)

The first three were a success. I lost 32kg in 2011 (in 5 months) following the advice of Tim Ferriss (4 Hour body) plus I've been exercising regularly the last 4 months (gym) and I learned to eat better & healthier.

  • Travel (outside Greece for first time hopefully)

Happy to report that this one was also a success! After visiting Scotland (and High Lands) this summer, I scored another trip abroad in Berlin, Germany for Google Developers Day in November.

  • Look into this coffee “business” (Marco inspired me)

I just didn't pursue this one, I think I will never be a "coffee" guy, but I must admit that lately I really enjoy drinking tea.

  • Play way less (or quit playing) World of Warcraft

I quit playing WoW! I decided to stop after lots of years, partly due to disappointment from Blizzard's way of releasing content and due its time-sucking nature of it. Also I stopped playing online games (Call of Duty, Battlefield) in general, although this was not intended. From the other hand I am really active in gaming: I finished two big titles in 2011 (Deus Ex and Skyrim), I keep tabs with everything gaming related and I am really looking forward to play all the other games I have in my library!

  • Launch my personal projects & update the existing ones

Somewhat of a success: In 2011 I developed (and still developing) Analytiks, I launched some mini projects (HTML5 oriented and a Google Reader one) started a small gaming blog and I begun contributing on what became Soundbeam, the first iOS app of Evil Window Dog studio we "founded" with my buddy Petros.

  • Look into interesting and new technologies (iOS, Node.js, Python, WebGL/JS 3D frameworks)
  • Get involved into OS projects (Github FTW)

I can't say I have met my standards in this one: I was really focused on iOS programming in 2011, which totally overshadowed any other language/technology I wanted to get involved with. Hopefully this will be fixed this year.

  • Be a better person to everyone around me

That's an ongoing process :) I will try harder this year, promise!

Now let's see the new resolutions. I divided the list into to separate sections: Personal stuff and Work related. Those two blend in many ways but I didn't want to create a huge list and never complete any of my targets. 

Personal Stuff

  • Keep on with the healthy diet / exercise
  • Try the tea "business" instead
  • Travel at least in two countries (preferably US + England)
  • Socialize more

Work Related

  • Learn new things (WebGL, Python, Unit Testing, Cocos2D, Continuous Integration...and the list goes on)
  • Make a game using Unity platform
  • Open source retired projects, upgrade or retire some others
  • Attend at least two dev conferences

That's it! They may seem a few but rest assured, they are quite a task!

What's your resolutions for 2012? :)